Chapter One: Diagnosis
Chapter Two: Donor?
Chapter Three: Dialysis
Chapter Four: Transplant
Chapter Five: Recovery
From My Lens

by terri mcclelland

OCTOBER 2000 -- I cannot tell each of you how many times I have tried to write my reactions to and for the project that my son has devoted so much of his time and energy. It is not because I do not care or that I feel it is not important, but rather a feeling of guilt, impotence, sadness, and true dispair appear to come over my being when I attempt to express my feelings about the last 18 months. For I am the mother of this gifted, talented young man. I am the person who carried him through the first nine months and could barely wait for him to arrive, I loved the very sweet baby years, the lonely, exhilarating teen years, the college years of emerging independence, and the lonely years for me when he moved and became that independent young man you have been privileged to meet through his words and pictures.

John has moved to Port Huron and has been closer to home for the past few months. He and Amber have come to us on many previously missed 'family' occasions. The joy of his being returns everytime he walks into our home and shares another precious moment of his life. The gift that his father has given and to those who tried, I am forever greatful. He is my sun and it shines again.

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