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From My Lens

An update from John. Written May 28, 2000.

Eight weeks and counting. . .

Amber and I traveled to Ohio last weekend to visit dad. A most excellent time was had by all. It was just the kind of therapy I needed before returning to work this week. A series of pictures from the trip can be seen here.

Among the highlights. . .

On Friday I went to my sister, Amelia's, school and talked to her class about the transplant.

Later that evening I presented dad with a t-shirt I made him. On the back I placed an iron-on that reads "I gave my son a kidney and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

I also spent a lot of time playing with Amelia. It had been about six months since I had seen her last. She was most impressed with my scar. Kids. . .

Today was my first day back at work. It was supposed to be an easy day of sitting behind a desk helping get the newspaper out -- nothing too strenuous for the first couple days. The newspaper business is often unpredictable, and as such, I got stuck shooting two assignments. While it was nice to get back behind the camera, I didn't remember my camera bag being so heavy.

I feel confident in saying now that my life is almost back to normal and it is almost as if none of this ever happened. Almost.

This is the new-and-improved John, signing off.

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