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From My Lens

An update from John. Written on the 10th anniversary of the surgery, April 2010.

10 years ago this week, I got my kidney.

I remember before, during and for some time after the surgery, how afraid I was to lose it. One week, six weeks, six months, one year, it was always a lingering concern. I never imagined I would keep it for 10 years.

I receive email from this site all the time with stories about rejection and some patients who are on their second or even third kidney in less than five years.

To celebrate this milestone, we are having a party tomorrow night with 50 of my closest family members friends. Looking at the RSVP list, I'm reminded of how incredibly fortunate I am. Most of the guests are people I have met and grown close to in just the last few years, including my wife Sara and our now two-year old daughter.

As for Dad, he is doing as well as always. In three weeks, we are travelling to California to compete in the Big Sur International Marathon together. It will be a grueling 26.2 mile test, but I can't wait to cross the finish line with him. He thinks he has an edge because of his experience, but he forgets I have a piece of him in me.

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