Chapter One: Diagnosis
Chapter Two: Donor?
Chapter Three: Dialysis
Chapter Four: Transplant
Chapter Five: Recovery
From My Lens
 Chapter One: Diagnosis

Photo by David Lee Hartlage

Following my meeting with Dr. Pruchno, I embarked on the first step of the six-month long transplant process -- getting my blood typed.

Going into the test, I was praying for type A. Three of my four potential donors were confirmed A. The two days it took to get the results were extremely nerve-racking. Luckily, it came back as I had hoped.

Having the same blood type is the most crucial part of selecting a donor because the donor and the recipient must share the same group (A, B, AB, O). Rh factor (the positive or negative) does not matter.

Recent statistics show the following world incidence of blood groups:

  • O -- 46 percent
  • A -- 42 percent
  • B -- 8 percent
  • AB -- 4 percent

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