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From My Lens

An update from John. Written April 21, 2000.

It has been three weeks since the operation and things could not be any better.

I had my staples removed this morning. It is so nice to look down and not feel like Frankenstein's monster. Although I did have this fear of the nurse removing them and my abdomen popping open and my kidney falling out.

Even though I tire easily, my energy level is up and I have been venturing outside quite often. Driving the bumpy streets of Cedar Rapids is still uncomfortable, especially in my Jeep. And I am still a few weeks away from being able to lift anything of size.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I venture to a local hospital for blood tests. This will continue for a couple more weeks then switch to twice a week for six weeks. They test for a variety of things, key among them is creatinine and the level of Prograf (one of my immunosuppressives).

My creatinine level is still falling slowly. It was 2.0 on Monday this week and 1.9 on Wednesday -- getting closer to normal with every passing week.

I have surgery this Monday, April 24 to have my perm cath removed. I can't wait. I have not had a real shower in three months.

Dad is doing great. He experienced a week of pain after returning home, but with some meds it was controlled and he is back to work full time now.

This week was National Organ Donor Awareness Week and the local ABC station interviewed me and produced a piece about my web site.

On Tuesday of this week we added several more pictures to the Transplant chapter. They include more surgery photos -- so be warned, they are graphic.

I want to thank everyone who has visited the site. There wouldn't be much point to it without visitors. I have received countless emails of support and thanks from people all over the world. It is greatly appreciated.


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