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From My Lens

An update from John. Written October 13, 2000.


I know, I know, I Know.

It has been way too long since an update has taken place.

So many things have happened since May. . .

Most importantly, I still have my kidney. Woo Hoo!!!

My blood tests have gone from three times per week at the beginning to twice a month. Needleless to say, my arms and I are extremely happy. One would think being poked so often, it would get to a point where you couldn't feel it anymore.

Not the case.

In fact, quite the opposite. I can feel it now more than ever. A lot of scar tissue has built up making it increasingly harder to get a needle to the vein. Oh, well. Very small price to pay.

I feel better than I have in a long, long time. It is a re-birth of sorts.

The last two months have been especially good. In late July, the dose of one of my meds, Cellcept, was cut in half. The few side effects I was experiencing almost instantly vanished.

Dad is doing great too. He has competed in six races over the past four months. The first was a five-miler seven weeks after the surgery. The most grueling was the Buckeye Challenge, a half-Ironman triathlon in August in Ohio. He finished the 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13.2 mile run in six hours, 45 minutes. I don't quite understand why he was going so fast -- no one was chasing him.

Professionally, I am doing better than I have in three years -- even longer than I was feeling rotten from kidney failure.

In July I accepted a staff photographer position at the Times Herald in Port Huron, Michigan. Basically the same job, but a much better environment than where I was working. Also, I am about 45 minutes from Mom and 5 hours from Dad. Much better than the 9 and 10 hour trips I had been making.

Plus, I am back on the water after being land-locked in Iowa for three years. Amber and I are living about 10 minutes from Lake Huron. If you know anyone with a 17-24 ft. sailboat for sale, let me know.


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