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From My Lens

An update from John. Written December 21, 2000.

A very merry holiday season indeed.

So many excellent things have happenned since the last update.

In October, I finally got this site listed on Yahoo! I knew it would send more people my way, but I had no idea how many. In the first week after the listing, I had 250,000 page-views. In the weeks before, the most I had received was 2000. Not bad. Then to my delight, Yahoo! picked it as one of their 10 Sites of the Week. There has been a landslide of activity and new listings ever since. My favorite among them, Encyclopedia Britannica -- they picked it as their Site of the Day.

It's just great to know the site is being seen.

Thanksgiving was spent in Columbus with dad. Considering it is my successful transplant that I am most thankful for this year, I wanted to spend the holiday with the guy who made it possible. I was also able to catch dad in a 10-mile race the day after Thanksgiving. It was the first time I had witnessed him in an event and I couldn't have been more proud.

Everything is going well renal-wise for me. Blood tests have been made monthly. My creatinine remains somewhat high at 1.7, but it is a long way from where it was the day before the surgery -- 9.0.

In the coming weeks I hope to add a section to the site detailing my immunosuppressive drug regimen. I think I'll call it "A small price to pay".

Thanks for visiting,


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